Scenarios and Conversions

Original Scenarios Designed for the Open Cthulhu RPG

This section will (soon) contain links to original scenarios designed by beta testers of the Open Cthulhu system.

If you have an original scenario you would like to share with other Open Cthulhu beta testers (and the gaming public), we would love to include it here. Please contact us at submissions <at>

Conversions of Scenarios from other RPG Systems

There have been well over a thousand scenarios / adventures of Lovecraftian investigation written for a variety of RPG systems. Most of them can be translated to work with the Open Cthulhu system very easily. We would like to include conversion notes for popular scenarios here, as an aid to Keepers who would like to quickly pick up a scenario and run it using their favorite system (Open Cthulhu of course!).

If you have converted an existing scenario (and your conversion contains no verbatim copies of copyrighted text or stat blocks), we would love to include it in the list of pick-up-and-play conversion notes. Please contact us at submissions <at>